Nixon Leader’s 1st Motivation Monday of 2019!


As the Global Site Activation Lead at ICON PLC, Chiquta Harris is a powerful and  successful young woman that has fought her way to where she is today.   This week the Nixon Leader’s Center had the opportunity to candidly hear from her about her life, her struggles, and all of the unbelievable things she has had to overcome to get where she is.  Students left inspired and longing to hear more. As a former foster care child with multiple family struggles, the Alabama native is now a military wife and the mother of 3 wonderful children! An inspiration to all, we were fortunate to hear from such an insightful jewel in our community.

New Graduates and Transfers! What’s Next?

Well…2019 Spring is done and we are celebrating a new crop of graduates and transfers. Our graduates are headed to UNCW, UNCP, and the U.S Air Force.  We also are excited about new career opportunities and our Nixon Next initiative.  Just this summer we teamed up with Chris Libert in student activities already to helped secure an opportunity for one our students to work with the Wilmington Sharks, and were able to tour our first group of 30 Middle School students as a part of our Nixon Next initiative.



The Nixon Next Group Touring the Boat Manufacturing and  Service Program

A Nixon Next Group out of Statesville, NC Tour Marine Technology

A Culture Created

So if you follow us you know that we started a P.U.S.H study competition last November to motivate the students the stay locked in even though Hurricane Florence made it really difficult to complete the year successfully.  The students competed for prizes but I honestly believe we’ve created a culture of Academic focus that is living well beyond the study campaign and prizes.  These students work every day because they see their friends work everyday and they have seen the results of working hard on our Wall every time they get a chance.  I am so proud of how hard our students have worked this year! Greater things are coming.


Our New Wall of Promise Inductees



How students feel?

Nixon Leaders Center at the MMSI Conference

Students had a chance to hear form the countries most prolific speakers at this year’s Minority Male Success Initiative Conference. Students had an awesome time honing their academic and professional knowledge.



Robert R. Taylor Week

Robert Taylor tour

In an effort to expose students to ASTEM (Architecture, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers, in 2017 we dedicated an entire week where students were able to learn about these fields and how historically they are connected to the minorities in the Port City.  Robert R. Taylor was the first black to graduate from MIT and also the first academically trained black architect in America.  Mr. Taylor was also a native of Wilmington North Carolina.

During Robert R. Taylor Week students and community participants engaged in:




¨           February 12th Taylor Museum Monday U-152   10AM – 5PM (all week)

Participants were to able to see Robert Taylor exhibits and photos

¨          February 13th North Campus Tour NB 132   4:30PM – 5:30PM

Participants were able to board a ship and learn about careers in Chemical and Marine Technology


¨          February 14th Main Campus Tour N building lobby 10AM to 1PM

Participants were able to learn about careers in Mechanical Engineering and more…




A Different Approach

This year we have explored a lot of different approaches to student academic readiness and have had opportunities to formulate new partnerships.

One such partnership was with Longwave Yoga.  Through Longwave Yoga’s connection with us, students were able to get a deeper look at ways of relaxing and how it effects studying and memory. We look forward to working with them in the future.

The Nixon Leaders touch down at NC State University

Visit to the University of North Carolina Pembroke Game


Students had a great time at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke this Wednesday. Students enjoyed a college visit and UNCP Basketball hoops as the Brave hawks got an overtime win after a buzzer beater finish.  So far we have one that seems to be committed to getting there once he saw the campus.