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Comprehensive Standards 3.2.10

The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators, including the chief executive officer, on a periodic basis. (Governance and Administration)



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) demonstrates compliance with this Comprehensive Standard. All administrators, including the college President, are evaluated on an annual basis. The College has provided evaluation guidelines and job descriptions to illustrate its evaluation process.


All administrative personnel, including the President, are evaluated annually. The Board of Trustees evaluates the performance of the President on an annual basis in accordance with the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 23, Subchapter 2 C, section 0209 (Evaluation of Presidents). The evaluation of the President is forwarded to the North Carolina Community College System Office as required by law.

College administrators are evaluated using the form developed and implemented for use during the 2002-2003 Evaluation Period. Evaluations are completed in accordance with the Employee Evaluations policy 5.3.8 (CFCC Faculty & Staff Handbook). The annual performance evaluation process provides a review of performance expectations, recognizes the employee for his or her contribution to the organization, and addresses any necessary adjustments in performance (if applicable). The evaluation also provides a performance plan for the upcoming year and addresses individual development needs (Performance Appraisal for Exempt Employees Non-Faculty). Employees are provided with an opportunity to provide input and respond to the evaluation.

The President evaluates the performance of the Executive Vice President, Vice President of Business Services and the Executive Director of The CFCC Foundation, Inc (Job Description). The Executive Vice President evaluates the performance of the Vice President of Student Development, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Vice President of Institutional Services and the Vice President of Instruction (Job Description).


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