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Comprehensive Standards 3.2.12

The institution’s chief executive officer has ultimate control of the institution’s fund-raising activities. (Governance and Administration)



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) complies with this comprehensive standard with the chief executive officer, the college president, exercising ultimate control of fund-raising activities for the institution as is cited in his job description.


The President of Cape Fear Community College has ultimate control of fund-raising activities as outlined in his job description and approved by the Board of Trustees under “Essential Functions.” (Job Description).

The Foundation’s executive director is a College employee and reports directly to the College President (Organization Chart). The President serves on the Foundation Board as an ex officio member of the board. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the executive director of the Foundation serve in non-voting, non-action reporting and discussion only positions as outlined in the CFCC Foundation By-Laws (CFCC Foundation By-Laws pg 4). The President and the chief fiscal officer, Vice President of Business Services, sign all disbursements of the Foundation as outlined in the Foundation By-Laws Article V (G) (CFCC Foundation By-Laws pg 5).


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Cape Fear Community College


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CFCC Foundation Inc., By-Laws
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Executive Director of the Foundation (pg 5)

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