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Comprehensive Standards

The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas within the institution’s governance structure related foundations (athletic, research, etc.) and other corporate entities whose primary purpose is to support the institution and/or its programs. (Governance and Administration)



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) demonstrates compliance with this comprehensive standard. The Sea Devil Club, a subsidiary of the CFCC Foundation, provides financial support to the College’s athletic program. The Foundation falls under strict authority of its’ Board of Directors. The President and Vice President of Business Services approve any expenditures of the Foundation.

CFCC has documented the operating control and legal authority of the Sea Devil Club by providing information on the club as well as specific Foundation bylaws that clearly outline the structure and duties of the Board of Trustees, President, and Vice President of Business Services.


The Sea Devil Club is a subsidiary of the Cape Fear Community College Foundation, Inc. (Sea Devil Club). It operates under the Foundation’s bylaws as approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees (Purposes pg 3).

The Foundation operates under the legal authority and control of its Board of Directors, which includes the Chairman of the CFCC Board of Trustees and the College President as ex officio members (Board of Directors pg 3). The Foundation manages all funds received and disbursed for The Sea Devil Club. The President and Vice President of Business Services of the College are responsible for approving expenditures and signing all checks issued by the Foundation (Officers pg 4).

The primary purpose of the Sea Devil Club is to provide financial support for the CFCC athletics program. Funds raised by the Club from alumni, fans, sponsors, and friends aid in funding scholarships for student-athletes, athletic improvements, and other program needs of Cape Fear Community College’s Junior College Division I Athletic Program.

Financial support provided by the Sea Devil Club is essential to the success of the College’s athletics program. Since its establishment in 2003, the Club has raised over $50,000 for athletic scholarships. These scholarships are a key component for attracting quality student-athletes to CFCC and making the athletic program one of the best in the region (Sea Devil Club Application).



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