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Comprehensive Standards 3.4.13

For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration. (Educational Programs Standards for All Educational Programs) (Includes all on-campus, off-campus, and distance learning programs)



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) demonstrates compliance with this comprehensive standard. Each department chair at CFCC is responsible for program coordination, curriculum development, and curriculum review. These responsibilities are outlined in the job description of each department chair. Program lead instructors may assist department chairs with this process in departments that contain several programs or disciplines. CFCC has provided sample job descriptions for support.

Program review teams, consisting of cross-institutional members, conduct in-depth reviews of all curriculum programs at least once every five years. Programs with low enrollment or other significant issues are reviewed more frequently. CFCC has provided the review process for all programs, a program review schedule, and a program review final report of one of its programs for support.


At Cape Fear Community College, program coordination, curriculum development, and review are the responsibilities of the appropriate department chair. Those responsibilities are outlined in each department chair’s job description, samples of which are included. (Engineering Department Chair), (Allied Health Department Chair), (Marine Technology Department Chair). There are eleven academic departments in the institution. Because some of the departments are large and span more than one discipline, the department chair also relies on the expertise of his or her program lead instructor. The standard job description for lead instructors is also attached (Lead Instructor). A list of CFCC majors and degree programs is included (List of Degrees and Majors). Also included are the academic qualifications of the deans, department chairs and lead instructors who provide program coordination and curriculum development and review (Qualifications: deans, chairs and leads). Further, each Vocational Technical program and the College Transfer program are subject to an in-depth program review at least every five years (Program Review Schedule), which is conducted by a program review team. The lead instructor of the program being reviewed will be an ad hoc member of his/her program review team. The reviewing team will have seven members from the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Committee, which include the dean of arts and sciences, the dean of vocational technical education, the director of career and testing services, two instructional department chairs, two members at large, and the institutional researcher who serves as an ex officio member? Cross-institutional membership of the review team ensures that the program review process is thorough and objective. The program review team examines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for each program by looking at issues such as purpose, enrollment, graduation rates, student outcomes and assessments, staffing, curriculum relevancy, facility and equipment requirements, and student survey results (Program Review process for Vocational Technical) and (Program Review process for College Transfer Programs). Programs with low enrollment or other significant issues or problems are reviewed more frequently. Program reviews are documented with copies maintained in the offices of the appropriate dean, department chair and the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness. A sample program review final report for the college’s Medical Transcription program is contained in this document (Medical Transcription Program Review).



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Engineering Department Chair,
Position Description


Allied Health Department Chair,
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Marine Technology Department Chair,
Position Description


Lead Instructor,
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List of Degrees and Majors degrees_majors.pdf
Qualifications: deans, chairs and leads qualifications_deans_leads.pdf
Program Review Schedule prog_rev_sched02-07.pdf
Program Review Process for
Vocational and Technical Programs
Program Review Process for
College Transfer Programs
Medical Transcription Program Review medicaltranscriptionprogramreview.pdf



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