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Comprehensive Standards 3.7.4

The institution ensures adequate procedures for safeguarding and protecting academic freedom. (Faculty)



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. The College has a well thought out policy and adequate grievance procedures stipulated in the CFCC Faculty and Staff Handbook to safeguard and protect academic freedom at the institution.


The policy concerning academic freedom is found in the Cape Fear Community College Faculty and Staff Handbook as follows:

“Academic freedom is essential to the mission of higher education, which is to allow and promote free inquiry into the total environment of human endeavor. A college exists for the purpose of examining questions and issues arising out of that environment, including the past, the present, and the future. Cape Fear Community College firmly believes in freedom of inquiry, freedom to teach, freedom to share, and freedom to learn from others. All freedoms carry with them responsibility to use them with care and with full consideration for the rights and freedoms of others.” (Academic Freedom)

In terms of safeguarding and protecting academic freedom, CFCC's highly developed grievance procedure stipulated in the CFCC Faculty and Staff Handbook (Grievance Procedure) places no limit on what may be grieved under the procedure, including alleged violations of academic freedom. The record shows there have been no allegations of violations of academic freedom since 1994, perhaps longer.



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Academic Freedom,
CFCC Faculty and Staff Handbook,
Section 7.19: Academic Freedom


Grievance Procedure,
CFCC Faculty and Staff Handbook,
Section 5.11.6: Grievance Procedure




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