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Federal Requirements 4.6

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.



Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) certifies compliance with this standard as demonstrated in the recruitment materials and presentations that are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the accurate representation of the College’s practices and policies. Several divisions are responsible for reviewing and updating the information. Recruitment materials include the CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook, College website, Schedule of Classes, Viewbook, application packets, Continuing Education Catalog, and several brochures that give specific information on various college-related topics.


Cape Fear Community College’s primary sources of information used in recruitment are the CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook (CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook), the College website (College Website), the Schedule of Classes (Schedule of Classes), and the Viewbook (Viewbook). Additional publications such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and application packets (Fast Facts Bulletin) (How Much Will It Cost) (Tuition and Fees 2005-06) (Program Code List) are provided during presentations at college fairs, high schools, open houses, parents’ nights, and other events. Application packets are mailed to prospective students upon request. These packets include the CFCC application (CFCC Application), as well as information on the admissions process (How Do I Apply), disability support services (Disability Student Services), career and testing services (Career and Testing Services) (Placement Testing Information) (Placement Testing Schedule), and forms for requesting transcripts and test scores (Transcript Request Form). Administrative personnel from applicable divisions including Public Information, Business Services, Student Development, and the Office of Instruction provide and review the information on an ongoing basis to ensure that recruitment materials and presentations provide an accurate representation of the College’s practices and policies.

The CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook is updated annually. During the fall semester the Curriculum Committee meets and decides on program changes for the next academic year (October 6, 2004 Curriculum Committee Minutes). These changes as well as updates submitted by other administrative personnel, are reviewed and approved by department chairs, deans, and the vice president of Student Development. Curriculum changes are submitted to the North Carolina Community College System office for approval, if necessary. Policy changes are submitted to CFCC Board of Trustees for approval. Early in the spring semester the catalog is sent to CFCC Printing Services for revisions and updates. Once the draft is approved, the catalog is published and delivered to Student Development. The 2006-2007 CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook will be available to students, the public and CFCC personnel by March 2006, prior to the advising period (Catalog Production Timeline).

The main recruitment publication for Continuing Education, including General Educational Development, Adult High School, Compensatory Education, and all other non-credit programs and classes, is the Continuing Education courses schedule. It is published each semester, and is available to the public in Student Development and Continuing Education Offices, through mass mailings, as an insert in the Star-News, a local newspaper, and on the CFCC website (Continuing Education Schedule). Information in the schedule is reviewed by administrative personnel in the Continuing Education division, as well as the College’s Public Information office, to ensure the accurate reflection of CFCC’s practices and policies.


Source Location

CFCC Catalog and Student Handbook


College Website


Schedule of Classes,
2005 Fall Semester




Fast Facts Bulletin fastfactsbulletin.pdf
How Much Will It Cost cost.pdf
Tuition and Fees 2005-06 tuitionfees2005_06.pdf
Program Code List programcodelist_102005.pdf
CFCC Application application100305.pdf
How Do I Apply for Tuition howdoIapply_tuition.pdf
Disability Services dss_brochure.pdf
Career and Testing Services career_testing_brochure.pdf
Placement Testing Information placement_testinfo.pdf
Placement Testing Schedule placement_testing_scheduleprint.pdf
Transcript Request Form,
Academic Transcript Request
Other Schools
Curriculum Committee Minutes,
October 6, 2004
College Catalog Production Timeline,
Continuing Education Schedule,
Spring 2006



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