SACS Teams

SACS Leadership Team

  • Dr. Eric McKeithan, President
  • Kim Lawing, SACS Liaison; Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dan Hickman, Executive Vice President
  • Camellia Rice, Vice President of Business Services
  • Carol Cullum, Vice President of Student Development
  • Carl Brown, Vice President of Institutional Services
  • Rick Zigler, Vice President of Instruction
  • Margaret Robison, Executive Director, Cape Fear Community College Foundation, Inc.
  • John Ward, Faculty Association President; Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Student Government Association President
  • Patsy Lackey, Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

Compliance Certification Report

Compliance Review Team

  • Leadership Team
  • Catherine Lee, Director, Learning Resource Center
  • John Upton, Personnel Director
  • Clarence Smith, Dean, Continuing Education
  • Larolyn Zylicz, Distance Learning Department Chair
  • Orangel Daniels, Dean, Arts & Sciences
  • Bob Philpott, Dean, Vocational/Technical Education
  • Nicole Bennett, Institutional Researcher
  • Monica DeTure, Assistant Vice President for Instructional Operations

Compliance Editing Team

  • Robin Hardin, English Department
  • Linda Eicken, English Department
  • Katherine Peel, English Department
  • Anthony Johnson, English Department
  • John Metzger, English Department
  • Lynn Rotanz, English Department
  • Lynn Ezzell, English Department

Compliance Technology Team

  • David Chappell, Director of Information Technology Services
  • Christina Heikkila, CFCC Webmaster
  • Kevin DeLeon, CFCC Assistant Webmaster
  • Genia Wilson, SACS Web Editor
  • Nicole Bennett, Institutional Researcher

Quality Enhancement Plan

College Success Team

  • Vilma Legendre, Team Leader, Counselor
  • Catherine Ballard, Allied Health/Pharmacy Tech
  • Chris Bingham, SGA Senator
  • Jenna Call, English Department
  • Jason Chaffin, QEP Chair
  • Jim Dishaw, Bus/Hotel & Restaurant Mngt.
  • Deanna Lewis, Learning Resource Center
  • Debbie Michaels, Learning Resource Center
  • Patrick Pittman, Director, Career and Testing Services
  • Marsha Proctor, Learning Resource Center

English Composition Team

  • John Metzger, Team Leader, English Department
  • Marie Bergh-Cook, Early Childhood Education
  • Jason Chaffin, QEP Chair
  • Gary Hurley, English Department
  • Ann McCray, English Department
  • Anita Phillips, Allied Health/Radiography
  • Jill Wall, Student Ambassador
  • Duncan Trout, English Department

General Education Team

  • Thomas Massey, Team Leader, History Department
  • Jason Chaffin, QEP Chair
  • Jerry Duncan, Public Services/Criminal Justice Tech
  • Mandi Lee, Communication/Speech
  • Valerie Maley, Math Department
  • Meredith Merrill, English Department

Professional Development Team

  • Margaret Harris, Team Co-leader, Business Administration
  • Mark Miller, Team Co-Leader, Marine Tech
  • Nicole Bennett, Institutional Researcher
  • Ben Bowie, Engineering/Machining Tech
  • Jason Chaffin, QEP Chair
  • George Isham, Philosophy/Religion
  • Joe Justice, Industrial Systems Tech
  • Deanna Lewis, Learning Resource Center
  • Jennifer McBride, English Department
  • Debbie Michaels, Learning Resource Center
  • Subi Rajendra, Coordinator, Learning Lab

QEP Review Team

  • Jason Chaffin, QEP Chair
  • SACS Leadership Team
  • SACS Compliance Review Team

Additional Contributors

  • Deborah Basket, Sociology
  • Michelle Jenkins, Student Ambassador
  • Cindy Parker, Engineering/Interior Design
  • Faculty Association
  • General Education Assessment Committee
  • Printing Services
  • Student Government Association