Admission of Transfer Students

Transferring to CFCC from Another College or University

  1. Transfer students must complete CFCC’s admission requirements.
  2. Credits are transferred from regionally accredited institutions. Courses are transferred that compare in content, quality and credit hours to those offered at CFCC.
  3. Only courses with a grade of C or better will be transferred from other institutions to CFCC.
  4. Transcripts of course work completed at a college of university located outside the United States must be accompanied by i) a certified English translation and course evaluation, ii) course description if transfer credit is needed. University Language Services can help with translations.
  5. Credits transferred from other institutions will be denoted on the students CFCC transcript by CT (Course Transfer). Grades achieved at other institutions will not be used in the grade point average computation at CFCC.
  6. Credit gained through advancement placement testing, experiential learning or proficiency testing will not be transferred directly as course work.
  7. Students should submit official copies of all transcripts early enough so that evaluation of transfer credit can be completed prior to registering for classes.(Faxed transcripts are not accepted.) Transfer credit for those transcripts received during the registration process will be completed by the end of the first academic session.
  8. To receive a degree from CFCC, transfer students must complete at least 25 percent of program requirements at CFCC.

Your transcript from other colleges or universities is evaluated based on your current active CFCC program.  If you change your program of study at CFCC, you should ask that your transcript(s) be re-evaluated.