North Carolina GED and CFCC Adult High School Transcript Requests

NC General Education Development Transcripts (GED)


Transcripts must be official.  Transcripts received directly from the student 
via email/mail will not be considered official. 


For 2014 Test Takers

Transcript requests will cost $15.00. To request a transcript, log onto

For 2002-2013 Test Takers

Transcript requests will cost $15.00. Sign in to the GED Credentialing™ Web site to easily and securely order transcripts.

For 1942-2001 Test Takers

There will be no charge for transcripts for individuals who tested before 2002. Transcript request forms can be downloaded here. GED request form.

CFCC Adult High School Transcripts (AHS)

To obtain your AHS Transcript that you received through CFCC:

  1. Complete the AHS Transcript Request form
  2. Follow the directions on the form for paying the required transcript fee
  3. Please allow 48 hours for processing


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