Health Science Programs

Health science pre-majors are listed below.  Once you are accepted to the College, you must meet additional entrance requirements to be selected to a program.

Code Title Level
A10300A Pre-Associate Degree Nursing AAS
A10300D Pre-Dental Assisting AAS
A10300H Pre-Dental Hygiene AAS
A10300L Pre-Licensed Practice Nursing AAS
A10300O Pre-Occupational Therapy AAS
A10300M Pre-Pharmacy Technology AAS
A10300Q Pre-Pharmacy Technology (2nd year students only) AAS
A10300P Pre-Phlebotomy AAS
A10300R Pre-Radiography AAS
A10300RIBN Pre-RIBN (Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses) AAS
A10300G Pre-Medical Sonography AAS
A10300S Pre-Surgical Technology AAS
A10300CS Pre-Cardiovascular Sonography AAS



All applicants (with the exception of Career and College Promise applicants) must complete a Residency Determination request to determine your tuition status (in state or out of state) prior to completing and submitting an Admissions application. Documentation may be required during this process. View Tips for Completing Your Residency Determination for a list of information that may be required to submit the Residency Determination. Please have this information on hand prior to starting your Residency Determination.

Complete Your Residency Application.