Non-Traditional Admissions

Admission of Transient Students

Transient students are those who are admitted and enrolled in another college or university and wish to enroll in CFCC as full-time students for one semester. Transient Students must:

  1. Submit a completed CFCC Admission Application
  2. Submit written permission from their home institution to enroll in CFCC
  3. Provide verification of completion of applicable prerequisites prior to enrolling in CFCC courses

Admission as a Non-Degree-Seeking Student

Students who do not wish to enter degree or diploma programs or are high school students who have special concurrent enrollment permission may enter CFCC as “special credit” students. Students admitted as special credit students may carry only a part-time course load and must have their registration cards approved by a counselor. Special credit students must meet course prerequisites including Placement testing. Admission as a special credit student does not constitute admission to any curriculum program. Special credit students may attempt no more than 18 credit hours without meeting admissions requirements. Students who exceed this number will not be permitted to register until admissions requirements are met. Students who enter a curriculum program from special credit status, veterans, and Financial Aid recipients must meet all admissions requirements prior to time of registration. Exceptions are programs which do not culminate in a degree, diploma or certificate. Admissions requirements do not apply to these programs.

Admission of International Students

CFCC does not issue the I-20 necessary to obtain an F, J or M student visa.  Other visas may be acceptable for admission except for tourist visas, B1 and B2. Official transcripts of high school and all colleges attended must be submitted for admission to most programs. All transcripts must be translated and evaluated. Contact the Director of Admissions at for more information.