Out-of-State Student Admissions

Out-of-state students are admitted under the same admission standards as residents of North Carolina. Residency classification for out-of-state students will be determined by the laws of the State of North Carolina. At the time of admission, the Admissions staff will determine the residency status of the applicant based on the information supplied on the application and any other data deemed appropriate by the Director of Enrollment Management. If the applicant chooses to appeal the classification assigned by the Admissions staff, he/she must file a written appeal to the Director of Enrollment Management within ten (10) days following the first notification of residency status. The Residency Status Subcommittee of the Judicial Board will review the appeal and make a final determination as to the applicants residency classification.

Applicants wishing additional information about the laws of North Carolina governing residency classification for students should contact the Admissions and Records Office where copies of the law are maintained.

Please see the “Residency Status” page for more information.