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Prospective Student

Admission Requirements

Application Forms - Fill out a CFCC application form and submit to: Admissions Office, Cape Fear Community College, 411 North Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401 (Downtown Campus), or 4500 Blue Clay Road, Wilmington NC (North Campus). You may access the application online at the Admissions page.


Submit an official copy of your high school or General Education Development (GED) transcript to the Admissions Office, Room A220 (Wilmington Campus) or Room 100A (North Campus). "Official" means that the high school last attended, the school that proctored the GED, or the state-level GED agency must send the transcript directly to CFCC.

Submit to CFCC, official transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions of higher education previously attended. Why? If you have taken a course that is equivalent, in course description and in credit hours, to a CFCC transfer course; if the course may fulfill a requirement in your program of study; and if you have earned a grade of "C-" or better, you should receive a credit slip that lists the course equivalency and the credit hours. Only CFCC counselors (located in Room A220 or NA100A) evaluate student transcripts and award credit slips. Show this slip to your advisor. If you have credit for ENG 111-Expository Writing, you are waived from having to take a reading and a writing placement test and from having to take a developmental reading and writing course.

If you have taken a math course at another institution (must have an M-A-T prefix) that is equivalent to a curriculum math course at CFCC - such as MAT 140, 171, 175, or higher - you may be waived from the math placement test. Reminder: MAT 140 does not waive a student from having to take MAT 080, nor does MAT 140 determine if a student is prepared to take MAT 171, 175, or a higher level math.

Your application, high school transcript, and college transcripts from other institutions (if applicable) should be processed by CFCC'S Student Development staff at least one month before you register. Procrastination may lead to the following: standing in the wrong line, being sent to another long line, or not being given the answer you really need because you did not ask the "right" question.

Placement Scores - Take the ACCUPLACER (CPT) Test 1) if you do not have previous college credit that will waive you from having to take the test or 2) if you do not have other placement tests such as the SAT, ASSET, ACT, or COMPASS.  Sometimes students may be required to take all or a portion of the test, which consists of the following: sentence skills, reading, arithmetic skills, and elementary algebra. (For Placement test dates, call: Betty Northam at 910-362-7045.)



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