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CFCC Courses

ACC 120Principles of Accounting I3.0
ACC 121Principles of Accounting II3.0

ANT 210General Anthropology3.0

ART 111Art Appreciation3.0
ART 114Art History I3.0
ART 115Art History II3.0
ART 121Design I3.0
ART 132Drawing II3.0
ART 171Computer Art I3.0
ART 240Painting I3.0
ART 261Photography I3.0
ART 283Ceramics I3.0

BIO 111General Biology I4.0
BIO 168Anatomy and Phys I4.0
BIO 169Anatomy and Phys II4.0
BIO 275Microbiology4.0

CHM 131/131AIntroduction to Chemistry/Lab3.0/1.0
CHM 151General Chemistry I4.0
CHM 152General Chemistry II4.0

CIS 110Introduction to Computers3.0
CIS 115Introduction to Logic3.0

COM 110Introduction to Communications3.0
COM 231Public Speaking3.0

DRA 111Theatre Appreciation3.0

ECO 251Prin of Microeconomics3.0
ECO 252Prin of Macroeconomics3.0

ENG 111Expository Writing3.0
ENG 112Argument-Based Research3.0
ENG 113Literature-Based Research3.0
ENG 114Prof Research and Report3.0
ENG 231American Literature I3.0
ENG 232American Literature II3.0
ENG 241British Literature I3.0
ENG 242British Literature II3.0
ENG 261World Literature I3.0
ENG 262World Literature II3.0
ENG 273African-American Literature3.0

FRE 111Elementary French I3.0
FRE 112Elementary French II3.0
FRE 211Intermediate French I3.0
FRE 212Intermediate French II3.0

GEL 120Physical Geology4.0

HEA 112First Aid and CPR2.0

HIS 121Western Civilization I3.0
HIS 122Western Civilization II3.0
HIS 131American History I3.0
HIS 132American History II3.0

MAT 140Survey of Math3.0
MAT 151Statistics I3.0
MAT 161College Algebra3.0
MAT 171Precalculus Algebra3.0
MAT 172Precalculus Trig3.0
MAT 175Precalculus4.0
MAT 271Calculus I4.0
MAT 272Calculus II4.0
MAT 273Calculus III3.0
MAT 280Linear Algebra3.0

MUS 110Music Appreciation3.0

PED 110Fit and Well for Life2.0
PED 113Aerobics I1.0
PED 115Step Aerobics I1.0
PED 152Beginning Swimming1.0

PHI 215Philosophical Issues3.0
PHI 240Intro to Ethics3.0

PHY 151College Physics I3.0
PHY 152College Physics II3.0
PHY 251General Physics I3.0
PHY 252General Physics II3.0

POL 120American Government3.0
POL 130State/Local Government3.0
POL 220International Relations3.0

PSY 150General Psychology3.0
PSY 241Developmental Psychology3.0
PSY 281Abnormal Psychology3.0

REL 211Intro Old Testament3.0
REL 212Intro New Testament3.0

SOC 210Introduction to Sociology3.0
SOC 213Sociology of the Family3.0
SOC 220Social Problems3.0
SOC 240Social Psychology3.0

SPA 111Elementary Spanish I3.0
SPA 112Elementary Spanish II3.0
SPA 211Intermediate Spanish I3.0
SPA 212Intermediate Spanish II3.0
WSSU Equivalent

ACC 2316
ACC 2317

SOC 3314

ART 1301
ART 2301
ART 2302
ART 1321
ART 1312
ART 2313
ART 3331
ART 3355
ART 3375

BIO 1301
BIO 2312
BIO 2312
BIO 1431

CHE 1411
CHE 2411
CHE 2412

CSC 1306
CSC 1310

SPH 2341
SPH 2341

DRA 2306

ECO 2311
ECO 2312

ENG 1301
ENG 1302
ENG 1302
ENG 1302
ENG 2313
ENG 2314
ENG 3306
ENG 3307
ENG 2301
ENG 2302
ENG 3381

FRE 1311
FRE 1312
FRE 2311
FRE 2312

PHS 2336

HED 3236

HIS 1301
HIS 1302
HIS 2306
HIS 2307

MAT 1323
MAT 2326
MAT 1311
MAT 1312
MAT 1313
MAT 1313
MAT 2410
MAT 2411
MAT 3412
MAT 2316

MUS 1301

HED 1201
PED 1110
PED 2113
PED 2105

PHI 2301
PHI 2302

PHY 2421
PHY 2422
PHY 3431
PHY 3432

POS 2311
POS 2316
POS 3341

POS 2301
PSY 3336
PSY 3306

REL 2302
REL 2301

SOC 2301
SOC 2356
SOC 2336
SOC 3307

SPA 1311
SPA 1312
SPA 2311
SPA 2312


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