Cape Fear Community College

As we sail through life, donít avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters wonít make a skillful sailor.

About Align Your Sails

Align Your Sails assigns you to a faculty or staff member (crew) here at CFCC. A once a week meeting/connection between you and your crew member is preferred. Due to everyone’s busy schedules a phone call, email, office visit or even over a cup of coffee will work. You and your crew member will have a log sheet to record each meeting/connection. You will receive additional information and materials once you complete the application and schedule a brief appointment with the program coordinator, Dianne Jones.

Climb Onboard and...

  • Set sail engaging in your academic growth
  • Dive into CFCC activities and organizations
  • Cast a line and catch Learning Lab offerings
  • Set your eyes on the shore of your career goals
  • Anchors Away to success, good study skills and time management

Student Benefits

  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased attendance
  • Higher college enrollment and higher educational aspirations
  • Positive attitude about school
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved relationships with family, teachers, and peers
  • Enhanced social, communication, relationship, and decision-making skills
  • Heightened career awareness and ability to make vocational and educational choices
  • Decreased likelihood of dropping out of school, or initiating drug and alcohol use

Coach Benefits

  • Developing friendships with CFCC student body
  • Connecting with CFCC student population
  • Contributing to the community
  • Providing opportunity to enhance personal strengths and develop new skills

CFCC Benefits

  • Improved retention
  • Lowered amount of disruptive behavior and disciplinary actions
  • Improved image of college in community
  • Increased community support
  • Increased productivity in classroom environment