Cape Fear Community College

As we sail through life, donít avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters wonít make a skillful sailor.

Coach, Mentor, Friend

Would you like to come onboard and join the CFCC Crew in aligning students’ sails, so that their academic career at CFCC is a meaningful and successful life experience. You can be instrumental in making a difference in our students lives just by generously giving approximately 20 minutes of your time each week.

Faculty/Staff sign up to be a coach

Three Types of Coaching

  • Educational or academic coaching focuses on improving students’ overall academic achievements
  • Career coaching helps students develop the skills needed to enter or continue on a career path.
  • Personal development coaching supports students during times of personal or social stress and provides guidance for decision-making.

Roles and Expectations

  • checks in with shipmate regularly throughout the academic year
  • assists shipmate with transition into college
  • provides information on policies, procedures and resources
  • introduces shipmate to support services, CFCC clubs and extracurricular activities which will enhance academic success and leadership skills
  • helps shipmate to identify the skills needed to be successful at CFCC
  • maintiain a contact log

Tips to Prevent Running Aground.

  • Be flexible and available
  • Avoid negative criticism
  • Crew member is not responsible for all solutions to every problem
  • Use good judgment when sharing personal information
  • Compromising situations should be avoided at all times