Letter to the Non-Traditional Student

December 30th, 2015 by webdev

Deciding to go back to school can be a very intimidating decision to make. There are many things that need to be considered. ”Can I afford it,” was one of the biggest questions that held me back for years. I can tell you firsthand going back to school was one of the best choices I have made thus far in life. One thing I found most helpful was making a list of the pros and cons of starting over. While you may be lucky enough to keep your job and take classes, you must keep in mind not all employers are flexible enough to work around a student’s schedule. If you live with others, you might consider sitting down with them and thoroughly discussing you goals and plans for the future. It is very important to ensure you have a good support system at home. I encourage you stop by the Financial Aid office as well. The wonderful staff there will do their level best to find whatever money is available to help offset the costs of your tuition. Another truly amazing group of people working to help students is The Cape Fear Community College Foundation. As a Student Ambassador, I can proudly say I have been a part of several of their fundraising activities to bring in money for student scholarships. It is positively rewarding to see people in and around our community so graciously helping students create a brighter future for themselves.
One reservation that many non-traditional students have is the age barrier. So maybe you’re not a teenager anymore, and perhaps you’ve been out of “the game” for several years. If you’re worried about feeling old, like I did, fear not. At CFCC, we have a number of non-traditional students just like you. If you’re willing to embark in the adventure of earning a degree or certificate, it’s never to late to start over! The faculty and staff at CFCC are a great support system. The instructors seem to really understand that you have made a conscious decision to better yourself. Believe it or not, these people really do want to see you succeed!
Cape Fear Community College also offers a variety of clubs and activities you may not have otherwise had an opportunity to explore. Things like Community Involvement and Service Learning (CISL), Student Government Association, and Honors clubs help you connect with the student body as well as the community around you. Other clubs like PHI THETA KAPPA and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) are nationally recognized, but it doesn’t stop there. We have clubs for just about any interest you may desire; such as hospitality, athletics, and even film clubs. Any and all of these groups will look great on a resume or University application, so you will benefit now and in the future. Being involved will not only help you establish yourself within the school, but it will furthermore help you network and give you a greater sense of belonging.
I’m not going to pretend it was easy to walk away from the security of a biweekly paycheck and benefits, but deciding to fulfilling my dream and better myself trumped my reservations of holding onto a job that left me feeling unsatisfied. If you’re thinking about going back to school there is no better time than the present. Make an appointment to take a tour with us. We would love to show you what Cape Fear Community College has to offer. As Gandhi so wisely stated, “The future depends on what you do today.” I hope my insight helps encourage you to take the first step in fulfilling your destiny.
Best Wishes,