What Makes a Sea Devil?


What does it mean when you first walk through the doors of Cape Fear Community College, for your first day of class? No, it does not mean you aren’t “smart enough” to go to a four year university, or that you don’t “care about school”, and definitely doesn’t mean that you will never amount to anything.

Before attending Cape Fear I had already made up in my mind of what I thought community college was like. I was embarrassed and even ashamed to say I went to Cape Fear. Now, that has all changed. Now, I don’t ever want to leave, I love my school to death, and I proudly carry the name of Cape Fear Community College wherever I go. I am a Sea Devil!

Now starting my second year at Cape Fear, I take a look back at my first year and see all the wonderful things Cape Fear has done for me and how it has impacted others peoples lives as well. For many, Cape Fear is a second chance, a fresh start, and a place to make a new name for yourself. That is what Cape Fear did for me. Every single employee at Cape Fear has a genuine love for helping people and making sure they are on the right path to succeed. You immediately feel like you are apart of the Sea Devil family with how the faculty looks out for students and how they are willing to sacrifice time, effort, and resources just to help better someone. In all of my years of schooling I have never had any teachers care as much, work as hard, or push the students to be their best selves, as the teachers here at CFCC do.

Coming out of high school, I did not have the opportunities that I do now. I owe a large sum of my success to Cape Fear. I am able to get involved, focus on my studies, and succeed largely due to the efforts of the school. At Cape Fear they see don’t look at you as a student but as a person and will go to the ends to make you a successful student. Now sitting in my third semester, I am on the president’s list (4.0 GPA), Student Government Association President, an ambassador to the college, in Phi Theta Kappa, and am still involved in other ways. The only way I could be able to do all of this is Cape Fear. Not only because they offer these programs but they offer the support to make it manageable to complete all of your tasks. At a four year university, one student would not be able to be as involved as I am and I am truly thankful for CFCC providing me the opportunity because the best self I can be.

So, what does it mean to be a Sea Devil? It means that you are a hardworking individual that is trying to better yourself by receiving a top notch education while still paying low amounts. It means you are not defined by where you start but where you end up, and Cape Fear is always instilling knowledge and intrinsic values into our lives. Lastly, CFCC students do not get complacent or comfortable. We will always be trying to better ourselves and make the best out of any situation. I would not be where I am today without Cape Fear Community College and I will forever be indebted to this wonderful institution.

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College Stress


Ways to make college life less stressful
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by schoolwork? Have you ever had a difficult time coping on your own? Have you ever eaten Ramen noodles twice in one day due to lack of time and money? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably a college student. College is a challenging period in a person’s life for a variety of different reasons. A demanding schedule is one of the most stressful parts about college. College can become overwhelming if you engage in too many activities. Coping on your own is a life-changing event and for some people it may cause stress and take some getting used to. There are ways to cope with stressful situations and the first is to maintain a positive mindset and keep things in perspective. When you look at tasks from a more positive angle it will make you feel better about it and generate you less stress. Using your support group is also a wonderful idea and talking to people that you are close with will alleviate the stress of the situation. Sticking to a healthy diet is another way to make stressful situations better. Sugar and excess caffeine will exacerbate the symptoms of stress so try and cut down on those! There are many ways to cope with the stressors of college life and continue living a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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Exercise increases productivity

It’s obvious that exercise improves your health and helps you maintain and live a healthy life but did you know that it can improve your productivity? Exercising regularly makes you smarter, more energetic and happier and research has proven it. Regular exercise will keep you sharper throughout your life and this is beneficial to your performance level if you are going to school or have a job. I exercise regularly and many times, I have experienced a “runner’s high” which is caused by neurotransmitters being released in your brain. Whenever I have a good morning workout, I feel more energized throughout the day. It is proven that exercise makes people happy and when you are in a good mood, you will be more productive. Regular exercise can curb feelings of anxiety and depression and confidence is also built when you look and feel good from exercising. If you are interested in increasing your productivity, start an exercise routine and I promise you will not regret it!


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Honors Program

If you’re smart and looking for like-minded intellectuals. I invite you to apply for admission into the Honors Program here at CFCC. The Honors Program is an specialized curriculum designed to increase the educational experience of exceptionally talented-students at our college. Admission to the Honors Program (which is free, by the way) gives you access to special privileges that regular CFCC students aren’t offered, such as small group classes (1-2 per semester, 6-12 students per class), special recognition on your college transcript, and exclusive events such as Honors-designated transfer college visits. We also meet regularly as a club to plan get-togethers and engage in volunteer work in our surrounding community. If you’d like to gather more info and apply for the spring semester, here’s our website!

Letter to the Non-Traditional Student

Deciding to go back to school can be a very intimidating decision to make. There are many things that need to be considered. ”Can I afford it,” was one of the biggest questions that held me back for years. I can tell you firsthand going back to school was one of the best choices I have made thus far in life. One thing I found most helpful was making a list of the pros and cons of starting over. While you may be lucky enough to keep your job and take classes, you must keep in mind not all employers are flexible enough to work around a student’s schedule. If you live with others, you might consider sitting down with them and thoroughly discussing you goals and plans for the future. It is very important to ensure you have a good support system at home. I encourage you stop by the Financial Aid office as well. The wonderful staff there will do their level best to find whatever money is available to help offset the costs of your tuition. Another truly amazing group of people working to help students is The Cape Fear Community College Foundation. As a Student Ambassador, I can proudly say I have been a part of several of their fundraising activities to bring in money for student scholarships. It is positively rewarding to see people in and around our community so graciously helping students create a brighter future for themselves.
One reservation that many non-traditional students have is the age barrier. So maybe you’re not a teenager anymore, and perhaps you’ve been out of “the game” for several years. If you’re worried about feeling old, like I did, fear not. At CFCC, we have a number of non-traditional students just like you. If you’re willing to embark in the adventure of earning a degree or certificate, it’s never to late to start over! The faculty and staff at CFCC are a great support system. The instructors seem to really understand that you have made a conscious decision to better yourself. Believe it or not, these people really do want to see you succeed!
Cape Fear Community College also offers a variety of clubs and activities you may not have otherwise had an opportunity to explore. Things like Community Involvement and Service Learning (CISL), Student Government Association, and Honors clubs help you connect with the student body as well as the community around you. Other clubs like PHI THETA KAPPA and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) are nationally recognized, but it doesn’t stop there. We have clubs for just about any interest you may desire; such as hospitality, athletics, and even film clubs. Any and all of these groups will look great on a resume or University application, so you will benefit now and in the future. Being involved will not only help you establish yourself within the school, but it will furthermore help you network and give you a greater sense of belonging.
I’m not going to pretend it was easy to walk away from the security of a biweekly paycheck and benefits, but deciding to fulfilling my dream and better myself trumped my reservations of holding onto a job that left me feeling unsatisfied. If you’re thinking about going back to school there is no better time than the present. Make an appointment to take a tour with us. We would love to show you what Cape Fear Community College has to offer. As Gandhi so wisely stated, “The future depends on what you do today.” I hope my insight helps encourage you to take the first step in fulfilling your destiny.
Best Wishes,

Preparing for Graduation and Beyond

It’s that time of year again, time to start enjoying this beautiful weather and hanging out at the beach with friends.  It’s also time to buckle down and study for your finals while finishing out the school year strong.  For those of you who are graduating in May or over the summer, life can be hectic.  The workload involved in preparation for graduation along with everything else going on in life can be somewhat overwhelming.  I am one of those students graduating in the next few months, and I’ve decided to get organized by making a graduation checklist.  I’m sharing my checklist in hopes of easing some of your stress over the last few months as a college student.  Therefore, allowing you to slow down and appreciate your time and journey with Cape Fear Community College.



File intent to graduate.

Meet with an advisor to register for your final classes. They can look over your program evaluation in order to make sure you’re taking the right classes and on the right path towards graduation.

Keep track of the number of classes left, exam dates and project finals.  The final stretch is very important.  Don’t slack now.  Do well!

Attend the CFCC job fair April 24th at the N. Campus from 11-2. Dress well.

Search and apply for career worthy jobs.

Send invites to family members and close friends who want to attend your graduation.

Order your cap and gown.  Also, order any regalia that you might want from your school club or honor society.

Go shopping for graduation worthy clothes.


Enjoy the big day.  Take many pictures.  Give thanks to those who have helped you along the way.

Celebrate!  You have earned it.



Online Classes

At CFCC we have a wide range of options for taking classes. You can take evening classes that meet once a week for three hours or a daytime class that meets three times a week for an hour each time. We also have some online options.

When using WebAdvisor for selecting classes pay attention to the following items:

  • If the section starts with the letter I – the class is completely internet based.
  • If the section is DY – this is a hybrid class based at the Downtown Campus. You will likely meet with your instructor only once a week, but complete a majority of your work online.
  • If the section is NY – this is a hybrid class based at North Campus.

Other ways to know you are registering for an online class:

  • Room: cfcc.edu
  • Classroom hours: to be announced
  • Times: to be announced

You must have regular use of a computer and internet access. You will have to discipline yourself to manage your time and submit assignments when required. Deadlines can be any day and hour.

In addition to submitting work via email or uploaded files the online instructors use discussion boards. The quality of your online discussions in these forms is an important part of your grade.

The critical item to remember about online classes is the enrollment verification.

The enrollment verification is an assignment your instructor will post on the first day of class.  Do not skip this assignment; you will be dropped from the class automatically. There is an audit process that must be completed at the beginning of each semester. Your instructors for seated classes can complete this audit process with attendance records. Your online instructor uses the enrollment verification assignment.

Online classes can be a great way to manage your educational goals. Don’t be afraid to try one. Just remember to ask for help right away if you don’t understand how something works.





























The Student Ambassador Scholarship has given so much to me.  I’ve received not only the gift of education, but a chance to fulfill my career goals and be a part of a team that I can be proud of.  My name is Jessica Hassler, and I’m proud to call myself a CFCC Student Ambassador.

Upcoming events in Wilmington NC

As a student at Cape Fear Community College and a true Wilmantonian, I am truly excited about the events that go on in our Community.  The Azalea Festival is one of my favorite yearly events that takes place in down town Wilmington. Spring is such beautiful time of the year around here with all of the blooming flowers and what better way to celebrate the fabulous weather than with a street fair, concerts, and community involvement!  All of the Street fairs are local venders, so it is nice to come out and support the businesses around the area that we live in.  This has been an ongoing event year after year and I think it is a great tradition to start attending with family and friends!  A lot of the events go on right around or on the Cape Fear Community College campus so having this event is a great way to show off our campus!



Day planners are possibly the ONLY thing that it is okay to be completely reliant on. In fact, I would suggest you learn how to become reliant on your day planner. Many students, especially freshman who are used to high school customs and rules, will more than likely not realize the importance of a day planner until it is too late at least once. Oh…you forgot you had an assignment due today? Guess you should have written it in your day planner. So, in hopes that you can avoid that life lesson, I have decided to write my blog on getting in the habit of using your daily organizer.
    One of the greatest things about getting used to using a day planner is that it will help you for the rest of your life! From college on out you will always be responsible for your own tasks and commitments, whether it is more school, a job, or your families schedules that you also become responsible for, your day planner will be your friend. The easiest way to get used to using a daily agenda is to simply get in the habit of writing everything down and crossing everything off.  You will soon realize that the feeling of crossing things off of your to-do list is a great one! When you have a very busy day, do not just write in school work and what time you have to be to your job, but write when you are going to the gym, what you are making for dinner, and when you are going to squeeze a shower in (always after studying). Check, Check, and Check! You will soon come to notice that day planners make your brain much less scattered and hectic! And before you know it, when your friends ask you if you want to go out this weekend, you will look in your day planner and then…literally…pencil them in.  It may seem tedious at first, but as long as you are writing down everything you commit to you will never have to worry about overlapping schedules, forgetting assignments, or forgetting about plans you had. Write blog for student ambassadors…CHECK!