March 5th, 2014 by webdev

Day planners are possibly the ONLY thing that it is okay to be completely reliant on. In fact, I would suggest you learn how to become reliant on your day planner. Many students, especially freshman who are used to high school customs and rules, will more than likely not realize the importance of a day planner until it is too late at least once. Oh…you forgot you had an assignment due today? Guess you should have written it in your day planner. So, in hopes that you can avoid that life lesson, I have decided to write my blog on getting in the habit of using your daily organizer.
    One of the greatest things about getting used to using a day planner is that it will help you for the rest of your life! From college on out you will always be responsible for your own tasks and commitments, whether it is more school, a job, or your families schedules that you also become responsible for, your day planner will be your friend. The easiest way to get used to using a daily agenda is to simply get in the habit of writing everything down and crossing everything off.  You will soon realize that the feeling of crossing things off of your to-do list is a great one! When you have a very busy day, do not just write in school work and what time you have to be to your job, but write when you are going to the gym, what you are making for dinner, and when you are going to squeeze a shower in (always after studying). Check, Check, and Check! You will soon come to notice that day planners make your brain much less scattered and hectic! And before you know it, when your friends ask you if you want to go out this weekend, you will look in your day planner and then…literally…pencil them in.  It may seem tedious at first, but as long as you are writing down everything you commit to you will never have to worry about overlapping schedules, forgetting assignments, or forgetting about plans you had. Write blog for student ambassadors…CHECK!