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The Autobody Repair curriculum provides training in the use of equipment and materials of the autobody repair trade. The student studies the construction of the automobile body and techniques of autobody repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing. The course work includes autobody fundamentals, industry overview, and safety. Students will perform hands-on repairs in the areas of non-structural and structural repairs, mig welding, plastics and adhesives, refinishing, and other related areas. Graduates of the curriculum should qualify for entry-level employment opportunities in the automotive body and refinishing industry. Graduates may find employment with franchised, independent garages, or they may become self-employed. semester Hour credits

Curriculum Courses

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Diploma (D60100)

General Education Courses

Course Number Course Name Semester Hour Credits
ENG 101 Applied Communications I 3
MAT 101 Applied Mathematics I 3

Major Courses

Course Number Course Name Semester Hour Credits
AUB 111 Painting and Refinishing I 4
AUB 112 Painting and Refinishing II 4
AUB 114 Special Finishes 2
AUB 121 Non-Structural Damage I 3
AUB 122 Non-Structural Damage II 4
AUB 131 Structural Damage I 4
AUB 132 Structural Damage II 4
AUB 134 Auto Body MIG Welding 3
AUB 136 Plastics and Adhesives 3
AUB 141 Mech. & Elect. Components 3
AUB 162 Autobody Estimating 2
AUT 171 Heating & Air Conditioning 4
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy 2

Total Credits: ……………………………………………48

Recommended Course Sequence

Fall Semester I Spring Semester I Summer Semester I
AUB 111
AUB 121
AUB 131
AUB 134
CIS 111
MAT 101
AUB 112
AUB 122
AUB 132
AUB 141
ENG 101
AUB 114
AUB 136
AUB 162
AUT 171

Certificate (C60100)

Fall Semester I Spring Semester I
AUB 121 AUB 111
AUB 131
AUB 134

Total Credits: ……………………………………………14

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