Hi!  Welcome back.  After classes were done 3MP had a great time volunteering for the Coast 97.3 Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet.  All students were involved in one way or another making connections with the community and enjoying food and fellowship with each other.  The event was catered by Award-Winning local chef Keith Rhodes from the show “Top Chef.”  After I explained to him what 3MP was about and that he was an inspiration as an entrepreneur, Mr.Rhodes expressed that he would love to help 3MP in any way he could. “That’s what I do,” was his response . I am especially proud of the turn out even though the semester had already concluded.  Thanks for your support!  We’re looking forward to 2013! Stay 3M Focused! 

Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet 11 Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet 5 Juan SAMSUNG Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet 2                                                            N.H.County Commissioner Jonathon Barfield



Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet 9DSC_0127Feeding Friends Holiday Banquet 13