The Minority Male Mentoring Program



Cape Fear Community College was recently awarded a grant by the North Carolina Community College System to support the educational success of minority males. The Minority Male Mentoring (3M) Leadership Initiative Program is designed to provide strategies aimed to improve the retention and transition of minority males into college level coursework. The grant will address two core strategies: (a) development of student retention strategies for minority male students enrolled in developmental coursework; and (b) professional development for faculty and staff.

The 3M Program has a project coordinator, an advisory committee, and two faculty advisors.


The Minority Male Mentoring Initiative (3MI) is a program that is focused on increasing collegiate minority male retention and graduation. This initiative is a part of the North Carolina Community College Minority Male Mentoring Program is which is designed to support the educational and professional aspirations of minority males in the Community College System.

The objectives of this program are to help minority male students accomplish the following:

  • Develop and enhance a sense of identity
  • Become familiar with campus resources and use them as needed academically
  • Become active members of the college and campus community
  • Articulate a sense of purpose about being in college and pursuing goals relative to their program of study
  • Acquire the skills needed to become leaders and lifelong learners.
  • Graduate and seamlessly transition from community college programs to 4-year college and university programs

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