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I did not really know I wanted to teach until I taught my first class at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. I realized after a short time that in teaching others I learned even more about myself.

The opportunity to teach, learn, connect, and grow along with my students has made me thankful that I chose this profession.

I received my B.A. in English from Greensboro College and my M.A. in English from North Carolina Central University (NCCU). My thesis titled “‘Trouble in Her Face’:Representations of Female Sexuality in the Short Fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne” focuses on the progression of Hawthorne’s female characters. I enjoy exploring aspects of feminist theory. I have presented at several conferences and submitted essays for professional publications since beginning my graduate studies at NCCU. Currently, I am completing an essay focusing on vilified and under-represented female  hip-hop artists titled “‘Push It’: The Sexual Shift in Female Hip-Hop Artists and Why It Was Necessary.”

I have taught at Cape Fear Community College since August 2009, and I absolutely love coming to work each day. The faculty, staff, and students are genuine, helpful, and have a real desire to make each day better than the last.

I currently teach English 111 and English 114.

In my free time I enjoy writing and researching, spending time with family, friends  and an unruly puppy. I also enjoy singing show tunes in my office, S 301-G. Feel free to drop in and say hello!

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