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Pirate’s Pillage

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In the year 1718, Edward Theach fell before the blade of Robert Maynard, and the reign of Blackbeard came to an end. Now, thirsty for revenge, Theach’s spirit returns to settle the score. This year, on All Hollows Eve, join Cape Fear Community College’s Anthropology Club at their 4th annual Ghost Chase and learn the skills necessary to sail with The Legend himself. Sword fighting, games of chance, and boundless treasures await you. Compete against Blackbeard’s ghostly crew to win back pieces of the captain’s treasure and prove that you are the best of the best. This year will be bigger and better than ever with the opportunity to win countless prizes and have barrels of fun. Come join Blackbeard, the first mate, and the whole ghostly crew on Thursday, October 30th at 411 North Front Street on the third floor of Union Station in room 302. Sign up with the crew at 5:30pm and enjoy some pirate rations before you set off on your quest. At 6:00pm sharp, Blackbeard’s first mate will tell all recruits about the code of honor all crew members must follow. The first mate will also hand out treasure maps to guide you on your journey and the interactive scavenger hunt will be afoot! While Blackbeard can be ruthless when his desires are thwarted, he can also be quite the gentleman. Being the gentleman he is, Blackbeard has arranged for a portion of the proceeds to go to Cape Fear River Watch. Bring your whole crew out to the Pirate’s Pillage and try your hand at a real life treasure hunt.


Brunswick Town Field Trip

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