CFCC Anthropology Club’s 6th annual Ghost Chase

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Ladies, gentlemen, gods and goddesses: It’s here once again! CFCC Anthropology Club’s 6th annual Ghost Chase– a scavenger hunt charity event that’ll take you back to Ancient Greece. Poseidon’s trident has been stolen, but who has taken it?! It’s your responsibility to find the thief and return the trident to its rightful owner. You will question each god and goddess and find clues along the way that will help you solve this mystery, and hopefully prevent a war among the gods! Make sure to take pictures with each god or goddess to remember who you have already visited.
Ghost Chase will be October 27th on the third floor of the Union Station building at CFCC’s Downtown Campus. Registration starts at 5:30 and the scavenger hunt starts at 6:00. There will be free food and drinks provided by our sponsors! Admission is $15 per person. All ages welcome! Make sure to bring along a camera or phone so you can take a selfie with each god and goddess! Prizes will be rewarded for helping return the trident to Poseidon. Join us to be transported back in time to Ancient Greece and be prepared to have the time of your life!


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