Admittedly, I am  a bit techno-phobic.  I prefer to hear a voice rather than a keystroke, a laugh rather than the buzz of a text message.  But I know the times the are a’changin’, so I must too.  I learn so much from my students everyday, and the wonder of being connected at all times is something that I am still hoping to learn to enjoy as well.

But enough of my soapbox, here’s why you clicked this link: I teach composition classes at Cape Fear Community College. If you asked my students about me, I hope they  would say that I am clear in my expectations and fair in my assessments.

I have taught full-time at CFCC for over six years. I came to Wilmington to pursue my master’s degree at The University of North Carolina-Wilmington. While in graduate school and thereafter, I worked as an adjunct instructor at CFCC  and UNCW in the English and English as a Second Language departments.

Before attending graduate school, I travelled a lot. I was lucky enought to be paid to teach English in Japan, South Korea, and Peru.  Living in other countries taught me more than anything I learned in college, but without my college degree, I would have never had the opportunity.

I attended American University in Washington, DC and received my bachelor’s degree in American Studies. I changed my major five times, and I loved each of them.

I was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, so I don’t often complain about traffic here in Wilmington.