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I believe all introductions should begin with an exchange of names and pertinent information, so allow me to get the niceties out of the way first.

My name is Bridget Hemenway Floyd, but I answer to Mrs. Floyd most often. I am a double graduate of East Carolina University. (PIRATE SURF!!!) I hold a BS in Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Production and an MA in Creative Writing. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I fought it for a long time.

My first official job after undergrad was as a radio DJ for the HOT FM, in Morehead City, NC. My air name was Rockin’ Robin Banks! While the overnight shift, provided me lots of short story material, I couldn’t hack it. So, I jumped ship and worked as a production coordinator at the local Fox affiliate. I wrote, directed and produced local commercials.  That was a lot of fun, but after two years my college loans were not getting any smaller. So, I found a job that brought a little more green to the table.  I became a merchandise coordinator for Tommy Hilfiger. Basically, that meant I taught the sales staff how to fold the clothes in a way to lure the customers into the shop.  One day my conscience spoke to me and said, “You need to be helping people. All you are doing now is helping Mr. Hilfiger get richer.” So, I went back to where most of my friends were still trying to graduate and enrolled in grad school.

It is a requirement for the grad students to teach at ECU. I began teaching, but I must offer up a big apology to the first batch of students I taught. I was a terrible teacher at first, but something happened to me the first time I stepped into the classroom. I really enjoyed myself! The more I taught, the more my knowledge grew and I realized this was the career for me. I moved briefly over to Pitt Community College, but couldn’t wait to leave Greenville for some nice waves and a life at the beach.

I ran as fast as I could to Wilmington and was hired here part-time teaching Developmental English. I soon became full-time and have been here for ten years now. I have taught several different English classes including, English 095, English 125, English 101, English 102, and English 131. I may not be saving the world, but I believe in helping others to better themselves. To me, writing is one way to learn to fully express oneself. Reading about the struggles of historical and fictional characters throughout literature helps to enlighten readers and offer insight to life’s challenges. It is my passion help others explore ways to learn from the past and shape a positive future.

I love CFCC because of the diverse student body, and the wonderful faculty and staff who make coming here feel like a home away from home.  I am proud to be a Sea Devil supporter!

When I am not at work, I actually have a life and a family. (Students never believe that their teachers exist in any realm beyond the classroom.)  I am married to my best friend, neighbor, and eventual boyfriend from college, who coincidentally also works for the college as our web designer extraordinaire. We have two daughters, who keep us running constantly. If I have spare time and I am not at the gym, you might find me writing, knitting, reading, or creating something amazingly healthy in the kitchen.

I hope this blog will be a fun place for me to share my excitement about teaching and the success I experience in the classroom. Until next time…

My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects. ” ~Robert Maynard Hutchins