My top 5 instructional tools to use this semester

To kick off the spring semester and the relaunch of Devils’ Playground, I want to share my favorite instructional tools that I think have great value and are easy to use. All of these are free. I’ll cover some of these in workshops in the coming months but they are so easy to use, you […]

January Workshops- Office Mix

Office Mix: Take your PowerPoint to the Next Level A free download that adds a toolbar to PowerPoint to make your presentations more engaging and interactive. You’ll be able to record video of yourself that easily embeds into slides. You can record screencasts, add quizzes and polls, and export as video or store in Office […]

TEDTalk Video: 10 time-saving tech tips

The phrase work smarter, not harder comes to mind after watching this video. Some of these you’ll know but I was surprised at how many I didn’t. For me, I’m always wanting to cut down on how much I use the mouse because an ache will creep in after prolonged use. This short video could […]