It’s no secret that the Math Department has got it goin’ on when it comes to technology infused instruction. But, since my arrival at CFCC last November, I’ve heard a name repeatedly dropped into the “techie” conversations.  It’s almost like a whisper…Clauuuuude Mooooooooooore.

Where to begin?

Dr. Claude Moore was paving the way for technology integration when I was still taking my dolls for a ride in the Radio Flyer.

Example #1 in the early 1980’s Claude had a student who was leaving for a few weeks one semester to go to NYC and study design.  Rather than having her withdraw or get grossly behind in class, Claude videotaped all of his lessons and mailed the videocassettes via FedEx to New York. Talk about innovation and dedication!

Example #2 while working at Danville Community College in Virginia, Claude was the first instructor to deliver class through satellite television.

Example #3 he started his own math webpage in 1997.  It’s still active!

Math Department and Moore…

The Math Department works hard to prepare students for the work force.  From screen captured lesson recordings using Camtasia to interactive web-based lessons created with Soft Chalk, the students are in abundance of resources to help them in their mathematical endeavors.  The Math Department has initiated Student Workshops and work together organizing the upcoming events using the collaborative tool, Google Docs.  Department Chair, Kenneth Hufham, definitely keeps ahead of the curve and just recently purchased web cams for every math instructor.

Claude Moore is spritely, full of energy, knowledge and ideas. After spending over 40 years in the field of education and teaching, this is a rare find. Claude began working at Cape Fear Community College in 2005.  He is the webmaster for the Math/PE Department and the Math Lab page.

It’s the students that count

When it comes down to it, Claude Moore is dedicated to his students and a master of his craft. Everything  (class notes, lectures, problem examples, etc) is posted online and available 24/7 for his students.

Moore is not a man who tests the water with his feet, he jumps in.  This semester, Claude started his own blog through CFCC Blogs called Having Fun…Learning Math and has even toyed around with online animation using (one of my personal favorites) Go! Animate.  Watch his 16 second “Who Am I?” animation here.

Still hungry for Moore?

All “Moore” puns aside, the faculty and students of Cape Fear Community College are lucky to have Dr. Claude Moore.