Alternative presentations: Prezi

Geology Instructor, Alvin Coleman, gave his students options this semester.  Students were divided into groups and ask to research and present on a specific geologic/environmental disaster.  The oral presentation did not have any specific visual requirements.  Alvin left it up to the individuals groups to decide their  presenting the material.  Coleman did, however,  introduce a new visual tool to his students. Prezi, a free web-based presentation software.

Prezi is non-linear. Think of it as a  concept map rather than a typical slide (Power Point) presentation. 

Perks of Prezi

  • Access anywhere, anytime.  You don’t have to worry about carrying around your flashdrive.
  • Real time collaboration- can have up to 3 people working on a presentation at the same time.
  • Presentations are stored “in the cloud”.  500MB of storage if you join with an education license.
  • Ability to download a flash copy of your presentation to your computer.

The design and specfications of the assignment were clear and provided to the students.  Coleman also provided a detailed grading rubric in addition to the project requirements. 

Here’s a look at some of the Prezi’s groups created….