Google Apps are here!

It’s a Google world and I’m a Google girl.  Which is why I have been so excited to see that our latest changes to the CFCC information highway (MyCFCC portal) brought with it Google Apps.

The search engine giant has seemlessly woven its strategic influx of  new ‘apps’ into my life over the past few years.  So much that, sadly, I can  state with confirmation, “I do not know what I would do in a world without Google.”

Why I’m a fan (and you should be too)

  1. Google it- When I have a question, I Google it. Answered. 
  2. One size fits all- There’s an app for everyone. All lifestyles, all digital skill levels, all languages. 
  3. Doesn’t discriminate– Google Docs made word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software accessible.  For free.  Better yet you can convert your Google docs to other file formats, including Microsoft.  Better still, your google docs are stored in the almighty cloud.  Meaning; if there’s internet, there’s your docs.
  4. Gone Mobile– While I am still lagging in the world of mobile computing (ahem, texting only), Google has managed to surpass Apple and Nokia.  Leading in the word in smart phone sales.  Why?  Android and Google are working hard to get your heart’s desire into your phone.
  5.  iGoogle  (image above).  My daily operation headquarters.  From here live news and blog feeds, access to my bookmarks, documents, weather, email, calendar, EVERYTHING.  All conviently bundled into one spot.

Still not convinced?

Drop by one of my two sessions during In Service Training on August 11th.   We’ll play around with the new CFCC Apps (operated by Google). Before you know it you’ll be as Google dependent the rest of us. 😉

Update:  I failed to mention the soft release of Google + the new social media site (not open to the public until the end of the month).   You may start to hear buzzwords like ‘Hangout’ and ‘Circles’. Currently, the site is only open to 250,000 of the world’s elite geeks one of them being Facebook star and founder, Mark Zuckerberg (btw has the largest following in Google + ahead of Google founder, Larry Page) .

 It’s no secret that Google and Facebook sweat each other.  Facebook publicly released today its merger with Skype (both blocked at CFCC) which now enables you to video chat with your friends. The ante is up. It will be interesting to see who takes the pot. Does Google have what it takes to reign champion in social media? Or should they just stick with what they’re good at…organizing.

**With Facebook and Skype both filtered on our college campus, it makes me wonder if Google + might be the future for Sea Devils.