Link a Google Doc in Blackboard

PROBLEM: Every time you make a change to a syllabus you have to delete the old syllabus in Blackboard and upload the newest version into every section.  This is very time consuming.

SOLUTION: Convert a course syllabus to a Google Doc, link to it in Blackboard.   When a Google Doc is edited it shows your changes in real time.  If you make changes to the Google Doc, it shows updates immediately wherever it is linked.

 Example: Your course syllabus is a Google Doc and you have it linked to 3 course sections in Blackboard.  When you make changes to the Google Doc (the syllabus), it is also updating in your 3 course sections all at once.


Step 1: Open your Google Docs
Step 2: Convert your syllabus to a Google Doc
Step 3: Get the URL for your Google Doc
Step 4: Create a link to your Google Doc URL in your Blackboard course
Step 5: Happy instructor 🙂

There will be workshop on this topic in September. Be on the lookout. Feel free to call me with any questions at ext. 7038.