PC versus Mac…how ’bout a VC?


The Business Technologies Department is without a doubt up-to-date with current technology trends.  Melissa Watson, CIS 110 & 111 instructor, is the MVP of the VCL at CFCC (how are those acronyms for ya’?).

Virtual Computing Lab, or VCL,  is just that, a computer lab our  students can access from home.  North Carolina State University, who houses the project, has partnered with community colleges in NC to spread the use of the program.

With student enrollment approaching 600 for  CIS 110/111 distance learning sections for the year, Melissa Watson recognized a need. Students who “do not reside near the campuses or who use a Mac computer are now provided with an opportunity to use a computer from home that includes all the software required for their courses without having to travel to one of the school’s’ Learning Labs”, states Watson.

Recruiting the help and expertise of both Dom Friant (IT Services) and Pat Hogan (Business Technologies Chair), Watson has successfully provided students with access to 20 virtual computers.

How does it work for students?

  1. Head to the lab! Turn on the PC or Mac and head to the VCL homepage to login.
  2. Make a reservation  Strictly on a first-come-first-serve-basis, students reserve an environment (ex: WinXP), date and duration for use of the virtual machine.
  3. Transform At the time of reservation the student’s computer is literally transformed into a CFCC image while running the app.

For more info on the Virtual Computer Lab go to http://vcl.ncsu.edu/ or contact Melissa Watson at mwatson@cfcc.edu

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