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Sync Multiple Google Calendars to your iPhone/iPad

**NOTE** Your Gmail account must already be synced to your phone before you can sync multiple calendars.  Directions for setting up your CFCC Gmail to your iPhone or iPad. After the myCFCC gmail account has been synced to the iPhone or iPad, use a computer or  your mobile device to setup syncing multiple calendars to […]

Take A Princeton Course – For Free

Would you like to take Cryptography, Introduction to Sustainability, Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, or Algorithms Part I?  These are just a few of the currently available MOOC’s. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course; meaning, free and open enrollment to anyone, anywhere.  The traditional MOOC typically touts student enrollment from hundreds to thousands of students for one […]

Link a Google Doc in Blackboard

PROBLEM: Every time you make a change to a syllabus you have to delete the old syllabus in Blackboard and upload the newest version into every section.  This is very time consuming. SOLUTION: Convert a course syllabus to a Google Doc, link to it in Blackboard.   When a Google Doc is edited it shows your […]