App of the Week: Remind 101

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Remind 101 allows instructors to send out bulk SMS messages (one way text messages) to students.  Great for sending out exam reminders, test reviews, or notifications for any upcoming events.

  • Easy to sign up for instructor and students
  • All phone numbers are kept private
  • Messages are sent one-way, so students can’t see your number or reply
  • Schedule texts to be sent out at a later date
  • Free

Download Android and IOS


Backspace versus Delete

Believe it or not, there is a difference between these two keys on your keyboard. Who knew?  When you hit the ‘Backspace‘ key it removes the character to the left.  The ‘Delete‘ key (AKA: forward delete) does just the opposite, it removes the character to the right.

*Apple Users – The ‘Delete‘ key on your keyboard is in the same place and serves the same function as the ‘Backspace‘ key on a PC keyboard. If you wanted to delete text to the right like a delete key on a PC press Fn + Delete.

backspace versus delete