Quick and easy – word clouds

Seen these around?  They’re word clouds and have been circulating digitally and in print over the past few years. What appears to be a technical and time consuming task is more easy than you think (like paste a bunch of words in a text box and click the word “Go” kind of easy).

Wordle’s one downfall – – You can’t “save” your word cloud as an image.  Once it’s generated, you  have the option to print it or add it to Wordle’s gallery.
BUT, here’s the “workaround” …take a screenshot of your wordle (using either your PrtScn key or Snagit

Try it! at Wordle.net



Many of us (educators) have turned to TedTalks to supplement our lessons with media rich content.  In case you’re new to Ted.com and their axiom “Ideas worth spreading”, TedTalks is a free online video collection of inspirational, informative, and sometimes comedic speeches from inspiring voices around the globe.

The next stop in the evolution of Ted.com has led us to Ted-Ed “Lessons Worth Sharing”. Building off the TedTalks premise, Ted-Ed pairs an educator with an animator and together they turn a TedTalk into an interactive and engaging lesson.  Once the lessons are developed and posted, anyone has the option to “flip” the lesson, that is, customize it to meet the needs of your learners.

A great example is How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

Micro Story Workshop

Summer is here and that means summer hours for CFCC staff.  At the suggestion of Catherine Lee, I recently offered a “play day” workshop for staff called Micro Stories.

The workshop’s ultimate challenge was to create a micro story with a personal photo using 10 words or less.  Ever hear a picture’s worth a thousand words? Try doing it in 10.

With the help of picnik, a fun photo editing site,  the participants turned their digital photos into works of art.   Have a look at some of the micro stories from the session.

By Ellen Stash, Financial Aid


By Jason Chaffin, QEP Director


By Kellee Stacks, Medical Sonography Director


By Joan Bloom, LRC Secretary