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Micro Story Workshop

Summer is here and that means summer hours for CFCC staff.  At the suggestion of Catherine Lee, I recently offered a “play day” workshop for staff called Micro Stories. The workshop’s ultimate challenge was to create a micro story with a personal photo using 10 words or less.  Ever hear a picture’s worth a thousand words? Try […]

Alternative presentations: Prezi

Geology Instructor, Alvin Coleman, gave his students options this semester.  Students were divided into groups and ask to research and present on a specific geologic/environmental disaster.  The oral presentation did not have any specific visual requirements.  Alvin left it up to the individuals groups to decide their  presenting the material.  Coleman did, however,  introduce a new visual […]

“The stars look very different today”

Re ignition Have you ever experienced the ignition of a spark behind some one’s eyes during instruction or a lecture? I’m not necessarily referring to the classic “aha!” moment. This spark lies deeper, it’s the moment some one’s eyes say to you, “Yes I get it, and not only that, I can’t wait for other […]