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The Instructional Design of CFCC’s Interior Design

         Size Doesn’t Matter For a department that consists of a lead instructor and three part time instructors, big things are happening in Interior Design at CFCC’s North Campus.  When Patricia Battershill, lead instructor, made the move from Fort Lauderdale two years ago, she found herself a part of a department that had already exceeded its high […]

cooperative learning room: i-design

PC versus Mac…how ’bout a VC?

  The Business Technologies Department is without a doubt up-to-date with current technology trends.  Melissa Watson, CIS 110 & 111 instructor, is the MVP of the VCL at CFCC (how are those acronyms for ya’?). Virtual Computing Lab, or VCL,  is just that, a computer lab our  students can access from home.  North Carolina State University, […]