2013 looks like a busy year for CFCC geology

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Welcome to the 2013 CFCC Geology blog.  There are lots of exciting things to share.  At the close of last term we were contacted by a landowner not far from Boone, North Carolina. He brought in some very exciting artifacts found on his property.

Rare axe Head

Rare axe Head

Things only got more exciting from there! For the last month the Geology Program has inventoried and begun to catalog hundreds of  artifacts found on the property. The collection has yielded items from 12,000 years old, to items traded by the French in the 18th century. And we have only scratched the surface of what this site contains. Once the winter passes we plan a field school on site that will take a more in depth study. So far evidence suggests that a Native American culture was living there for thousands of years.

David King with just 10% of his collection

David King with just 10% of his collection on loan to CFCC.

Here is another sample of artifacts under study at CFCC.

2013-01-09 08.47.03


There is so much to examine.




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