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From Graves Mt. Ga

From Graves Mt. Ga












Here is the latest donation to CFCC Geology Program.

Alvin Coleman one of our Instructors recently acquired more than 30 kilograms of  iridescent hematite found on Graves Mt. Ga. The geological history of Graves Mountain is as complex as the rest of the eastern seaboard. To make a complicated hundreds of millions of years story simple and short, a super continent broke up, the pieces drifted apart creating an ocean and volcanic island chains. The pieces came back together, sweeping up the island chains along the way and forming another super continent. This super continent broke up as well and the pieces drifted away to form our present day continents and the Atlantic Ocean.

Geologists still debate the exact details but certain aspects are clear. Sometimes during the continental collisions the Graves area was subducted and subjected to heat and pressure under the earth new minerals were formed, existing minerals were altered. There were many episodes of metamorphism when the rocks were heated and sometimes fractured and secondary minerals formed and filled the fissures. As the heat and pressure varied, different minerals were formed and underwent metamorphism. Eventually the area was raised back near the surface and eroded to its current exposure.(http://www.rockhounds.com/rockshop/graves_mountain.html)

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