Fly Trap Frolic is a big Success!

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CAM00024The world’s first Carnivorous Plant Garden. the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Garden was dedicated On April 19th in Wilmington, NC. Since the Venus fly trap is  native only within 70 k of Wilmington it is fitting that we have a new part to protect this endangered species. CFCC, geology program working with the North Carolina Land Trust, and the City of Wilmington worked together to host the 3rd annual Fly trap Frolic. 500 attended this free event.

As part of this year’s event CFCC staff and students brought an education program to 35 classrooms and over 800 students in Wilmington furthering the college’s commitment to outreach programs for area schools.

CFCC staff have currently 11 varieties of Fly Traps under cultivation ready for more summer programs!

One of 80 Flytraps being cultivated by CFCC staff

One of 80 Flytraps being cultivated by CFCC staff

Children dicover the park's beauty

Children discover the park’s beauty

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