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Welcome to the new blog, Cape Fear Carnivores. Here you will find information about the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Garden and the  plants and people that call it home.

We are located In Wilmington, NC, which is the center for the  only native habitat for Dionaea muscipula or the Venus Fly Trap. Please look at the preceding blogs for information on Stanley Rehder and his lifelong love and support of carnivorous plants. While Stanley no longer walks among us, one only has to visit his garden to feel his presence and legacy.



June 23 garden 4


Working in cooperation with the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, the City of Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College it is my role to  help facilitate the  protection of  carnivorous plants and their ecosystems. While the Rehder Garden is the focal point for many of our efforts we also have been, and will continue to provide other educational opportunities locally and regionally for school children and adults. The CFC blog will provide regularly updated information about carnivorous plants, events, and activities. Within this blog  you will get the chance  to meet growers, both professional and hobby, and delve into the latest news and information about this unique world of carnivorous plants.







Dan Sheret

Geology/Physics  Technician

Cape Fear Community College

Wilmington, NC





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