So… you want a Fly Trap eh?

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SAM_0005Poaching carnivorous plants seems to be at an all time high this season. Sadly there is a market for them and they are stolen out of the wild for so little money. Please do not purchase them at roadside stalls or flea markets. If you want one, buy cultivated plants. Most big box stores will have them. All the carnivorous plants we use in our educational programs come directly from growers. I purchase most of my plants for our programs and for my own collection from a great nursery in Ashland, Oregon named http://www.flytrapcare.com

Matt and Leah Miller have some of the best plants in the business. Their warm and friendly attitude is most welcoming for beginner growers and you can be sure of a great products and wonderful personal service.  They have your typical flytraps, as well as plants for the collector.












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