New Donation

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SAM_0012SAM_0013 SAM_0017 SAM_0011.JPG (2)Here are some photos of a donation made by T. Jason. She read about the poaching at the Rehder Garden and ordered a Crimson Sawtooth from www.flytrapstore.com for the garden. Leah from store added a few extra plants to help us out, they really are very healthy plants!  The fly traps are shipped bare root and are placed into the growing medium. The  photos are of  how they arrive and how they end up potted. They will be acclimatized in the greenhouse for a couple of months and then planted in the garden. They will be one of the first plants that will be placed in the garden and given  plant identification signs  with a QR code, so folks can learn more about them.

Thank you all again for this wonderful donation.







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