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Baby Flytraps!

Baby Flytraps!

My neighbors and friends D. &  A. Powell generously donated funds to help purchase some baby “typical” Flytraps  from Flytrapstore.com. These traps have gone into the soil and will be added to the plants we are hardening off in the greenhouse. If you too would like to donate some baby flytraps, please contact Leah at the flytrap store and she knows what we are looking for. The store is very generous in providing baby plants for $1.00 each allowing us to replace the lost plants very reasonably.

CAM00016 CAM00018


CAM00020Here are some more photos of my ever expanding operation. The greenhouse is filling up nicely with flytraps and other CP’s. Inside, the plant room is filling with seeds germinating and  fresh from the TC,  new plantlets all in high humidity and T-5 lighting. Tomorrow, I will plant four different varieties of  Sundews, D. tokaiensis, D. glanduligera, D. capensis (albino) and D.capensis (narrow leaf.) 400 seeds in all!  I have two more varieties that are in cold stratification for a few weeks as well.  This will put the plant count at 300 with 1000 seeds planted. I have about 20 different VFT cultivares in my collection. Plus  there are a few pots pans of moss growing very nice stuff for use with the plants.  Next major change will be the addition of a second rain barrel to keep everything watered, some solar lights… and more plants of course!







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