NC Botanical Garden Donation

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CAM00033The NC Botanical Garden has given a very generous donation of plants to the Rehder Garden. Special thanks goes to Chris Liloia, Habitat Gardens Curator.  She selected the following:

4  S. leucophylla

2  S. minor

2  S. minor var. okefenokeensis (may be cv okee giant)

1  S. purpurea

1  S. rubra var. rubra with provenance-grown from seed collected at sandhills gamelands

1  S. flava x S. leucophylla that’s very tall with dark orangey flowers

There’s at least one flytrap tagging along in one of the pots and a bunch of Pogonia ophioglossoides, Calopogon tuberosus, Spiranthes cernuua, and Scutellaria integrifolia.



CAM00029-1Jacobo of the Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society took the time and effort to arrange the donation and to drive the donation all the way to Wilmington. These plants will now be repotted in preparation for planting in the garden later this month. Thank you Jacobo I hope you made it out of the Croatan National Forest or you discovered the lost colony of Jamestown. Either way post some photos!









The Venus flytraps seeds are germinating! Over the weekend I counted well over 200 new VFT plantlets.  Another 1000 VFT seeds went  into the hothouse/plant room this weekend to start gemination.













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