Flytrap Rescue

   Posted by: dsheret759   in Gem of the Day

SAM_0034 SAM_0033 SAM_0032I received a call about a landowner wanting to remove flytraps on a small island in the middle of a farm pond. Since the habitat was going to be lost, I went ahead and removed the plants. I was able to save about 150 flytraps and some sundews. All of the plants will once they have recovered , be transplanted to Rehder Garden. I will return over the weekend to continue to remove the other traps and Sundews and pot them as well

I also received a call from a grower in California and they will be donating 10,000 seeds for the projects. So it looks quickly that the plants stolen this spring will be replaced. Much of the replanting will happen in the spring, so we are looking at a busy fall and winter to get ready for that.

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