800 Flytraps

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When I started this I set myself the  goal of replacing the 1000 flytraps stolen from the Rehder Garden by April 2014. Here it is almost August and I have now over 800 flytraps and 100 other carnivorous plants  and about 1500 VFT seedlings that are coming up.  I have not yet started cloning as this will be a winter activity then I will be creating  plants for 2014-2015. Carnivorous plants grow slowly, so it is best to plan ahead.  Come Monday our Geology class is about to have finals. Many of the students have been in both of Dr. Garwood’s classes this summer one of our best classes yet as we had many returning Vets in the classes. They have helped with the garden, so each student will receive a plant to say thanks. In less than three weeks fall classes start at CFCC and here we go again!








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