That Crazy Dress and the Philosophy of Color


The Dress that Is Causing the Color Perception Problems:,2817,2477478,00.asp

For the record, I see the dress as white and gold.

For a good article on the philosophy of color, check out this article in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  Read the first few sections just to get an idea of the issues.  This article does not require a great deal of philosophy experience to understand.

Here is another article about the phenomenon with some scientific explanations:

Philosophy Majors are Awesome!

Here are various stories about philosophy majors and how awesome they really are.

1.  Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2013: Philosophy Dominates

Philosophy majors scored highest on both the verbal and analytical writing sections.

2.  At Pleas and Excuses, the blogger touts both the test scores and success in business of philosophy majors.

3.  Article: Is Philosophy the Most Practical Major?

4.  Another article about philosophy majors in the business world

5.  UNC Chapel Hill Philosophy Department: Why Study Philosophy?

6.  University of Maryland Philosophy Department: Careers for philosophy majors

Evolution Resources from Biologist Kenneth R. Miller

Ken Miller is a famous defender of evolutionary theory in biology and a frequent critic of intelligent design and its proponents.  He is also a Catholic.  Follow this link to see what he thinks about evolution and about the relationship between science and religious belief.

Ken Miller his also an excellent public speaker.  Here is a video of a nearly 2-hour lecture on evolution and intelligent design at Case Western University.

Arguments for the Use of Cognitive Enhancement Drugs

Here is a post on Practical Ethics at Oxford University arguing that we should allow the use of drugs, such as Adderall, for cognitive enhancement.

Here is an article in the Atlantic making a similar case:


Ethical Issues about Vaccines and Public Health

With the recent outbreak of Measles in California (at Disneyland), ethical issues concerning the vaccination of children are being frequently discussed in the media.  Here are two websites that discuss these and related issues from a philosophical perspective:

“Public Health Ethics”


“Ethical Issues Concerning Vaccination Requirements”


The Singularity is Near!

Check out this article from Scientific American about the Singularity University.  The topics discussed are mind uploading, immortality, human enhancement, artificial intelligence, and the singularity.  The singularity is the point in time when artificial intelligence becomes so smart that it escapes human control and begins to evolve on its own.

“Philosophy Now” Magazine, the Multiverse, and Love Drugs

Philosophy Now is a philosophy magazine with some free articles and others accessible for a subscription fee.  There are many free articles covering many contemporary problems in philosophy.

Homepage and latest issue:

Click on the “Free Articles” tab to see a list of free articles.  I’ve given links for two of them below.

This article is about the ethics of using drugs that would enhance the feeling of love toward one’s marriage partner in order to eliminate adultery.  The Brave New World is going to be awesome.

This one is about atheism and the atheist’s need for evidence.  This is a nice discussion of the nature of logic and argumentation in the context of religious belief.

Here is a good article on the idea of a multiverse (possible worlds) as an answer to the fine-tuning problem:  This article might require a subscription, but I was able to read the entire article before returning to it and finding my access blocked.