Immigration and Multiculturalism

I found a very long and interesting article from CNN that took an extensive look at issues surrounding hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, in an Alabama town.  Issues about race, ethnicity, class, justice, and so on are all raised in this article.  There is also an extensive survey about attitudes toward immigrants at the end of the article.

Interview with Bas C. van Fraassen


He discusses the relationship between science and philosophy, his own work in the philosophy of science, and his own life and how he became interested in philosophy.  He is a very serious philosopher.

Alzheimer’s and Air Pollution

This article discusses possible links between air pollution, metal particles in our brains, and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  If there are such links, then this raises even more ethical questions about air pollution.  Air pollution already causes many heart and lung problems, and it leads to the early death of millions of people.  This raises questions about the right to pollute and so on.