The Joy of the Liberal Arts

This is the title of a recent letter to the editor from Dick Robertson of Wilmington. This letter defends the liberal arts is such a wonderful way.  I’ve quoted some of it below.

“… but the real reason to take liberal arts courses is to make your life more fun. When I studied engineering, we had room for only two liberal arts courses; I chose “Philosophy of Religion”  and “Music Appreciation”. The first helped me dispel the fog of superstition making the world a brighter cleaner place; the second provided a way to experience the world’s joys and passions without any of the bad stuff. Look through your catalog, find an arts, music, philosophy, literature or history course and enjoy the ride. When you get old like me those are the classes you’ll remember.”  –Dick Robertson, Wilmington

Why General Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics are Incompatible

I brought up this issue in class today in an effort to show students that even physics is not as definite, complete, and precise as they think it is.

Here is the link to the entire  Caltech site, which is devoted to string theory: