Tulsa “Race Riot” of 1921 was really a Massacre


This article goes into some detail about the black neighborhood attacked and destroyed by a white mob in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921.  One point of philosophical interest is whether the people and governments of Oklahoma owe reparations to survivors or their children.  The article states that over 300 people were killed and many, many blocks were burned to the ground.  Yet, no one was prosecuted for murder and all of the insurance claims submitted by black residents were denied.

Immigration and Multiculturalism

I found a very long and interesting article from CNN that took an extensive look at issues surrounding hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, in an Alabama town.  Issues about race, ethnicity, class, justice, and so on are all raised in this article.  There is also an extensive survey about attitudes toward immigrants at the end of the article.


Interview with Bas C. van Fraassen



He discusses the relationship between science and philosophy, his own work in the philosophy of science, and his own life and how he became interested in philosophy.  He is a very serious philosopher.