Getting Mad About the Bad: Emotion and the Moral Brain

This is a video of a very interesting lecture by Jesse Prinz about some of the connections between emotions and their effects on moral judgment.  This is very current philosophy from a very good contemporary philosopher.  He even discusses emotional responses to various Trolley Problems.

Jesse J. Prinz is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies at the City University of New York, Graduate Center.

Some Heavy Summer Reading: “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Pikkety

I purchased this book a few months ago on a whim at Costco.  It is about 600 pages of dense prose about the distribution of wealth and income across the last few centuries globally and in individual countries.  The central issue examined is the history of inequality in the distribution of wealth and income.  This is a very important topic for political philosophy.  I made it to p. 70 so far.  I slog through twenty or so pages a day.  They don’t call economics the dismal science for nothing.

On a related note, a recent column by Robert J. Samuelson in The Washington Post about the minimum wage is worth reading.  Apparently, past increases to the minimum wage did not cause more unemployment.